ShadowBlade Minecraft


Survival Information:

ShadowBlade is your number one server for Fun and Exciting Minecraft play!
We have a lot to offer:
-Mob Disguise for any rank!
-Awesome Events
-Thriving Economy With Shops!
-Survival at it's best
-Keep Your Inventory/XP When You Die
-Spleef Games
-PvP Arena
-Great atmosphere
-Excellent Staff
-Friendly Community
-24/7 Play
-And a lot more!...
Join us Now!
-IP: Server.McShadowBlade.Com
Please read below about joining the server:Important Information, READ:
When You Join, You will start out as a guest.You MUST read the rules to find the secret sign. Once you do, do the command it says, you will become a member and be able to build. NO GRIEFERS We do have Log Block and can rollback any grief instantly. Cheating Client Mods are not allowed.There are helpful Plugins to make life easier, but it is mostly survival, so do not ask for items.There are many ways to get items, mostly just play the game! Details on the website.