The new ShadowBlade (BIG NEWS INSIDE)

So as many of you have seen… we have been making quite a few changes around here. Not just with the website but with the overall community itself. About a year ago, we decided we wanted to branch off into many other games. And now we’re more than just a minecraft server. We will always have the minecraft server, and be mainly focused on that, but there’s a lot more to us now.

As for some of the changes… I have updated the forum a bit. Re-added the ban appeal and staff app section to the minecraft area. There are new guidelines for both. If you had a previous ban appeal or staff app, please make a new one. Be sure to read the information about them first in the forums.

Now for the BIG NEWS…
So. The minecraft server is going to have a major change for 1.13 (Possibly sooner). I will be working on a new ShadowBlade server. Before you get mad, the current shadowblade server will still be around, and you will lose nothing!

The new server will be the main one you connect to. It will be very similar to our current server, but with updated plugins, maps, and new cooler stuff. Any existing players will start out at a higher rank on this new server. The map will be new, ranks will be new, mcmmo and everything will be a fresh start. This server will be updated and maintained often, unlike what we will now call ShadowBlade legacy (The old server). You will be able to reach the old server through the hub, which we’re bringing back. Everything on ShadowBlade legacy server will remain the same, and you will still be able to play and advance on it. All the servers will be connected. You will be able to chat throughout all servers and be able to read all the chat on all the servers.

The new server will also have towny integrated into it. You will be able to do your own protections and towns. We will still have staff available for smaller protections. The economy will be different, but it will still be easy to make money and for overall gameplay. The only thing that will be majorly different is that you will get to start new! Which is awesome in my opinion.

More details will come soon.

If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact any staff member about this. And thanks for your support!

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