Updates and things

So, last night was a great relaxing night off. Had a lot of fun. Today, I decided to write on here about the future of things. First, we had a meeting yesterday about some of the changes made to the website, forum and such. Lot’s of great stuff is happening. If you haven’t made your forum account please to do so. All of the old accounts were lost when we switched website hosting. If anyone has suggestions for the website please do so as well. Also, I will be doing some updating to the minecraft server over the next couple weeks. I’ve already started today by reseting the sb4 nether and end and the resource world. So enjoy that! I may be bringing back some old servers soon as well, like towny and harcore. Just for fun. More details about that coming soon. If anyone has a suggestion for plugins that needs fixed or updated, please make a post on the forum or message me in discord.

In other news. This is technically the first blog on the new website. There will be more to come. Including blogs by some of our staff. Should be good stuff.

See you soon!

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